Friday, November 30, 2012

Ready to Explode

Its the end of Week 5 of my Spring Marathon Campaign, and I have not ran a single step this week.  Actually, it has been since Thanksgiving.  I do feel better and I should be able to start running next week.  Right now, the only feeling that I have is Coiled, and ready to strike.  I feel like I have a bunch of energy stored up and I am ready to explode (not that way).  We shall see.  Instead of a 30 week plan now, I might use next week to get back into it, and then do a 24 week plan.  I have been catching up on episodes of Marathontalk and recently 150 and 151 are great.  The training talk is about reviewing your 2012 running and thinking about what you need to do this winter to prepare yourself for Spring. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Trot and Dancing on Ice!

Kevin and Kenley at Pine Knoll Shores
Brother Keith fishing (catching) me, nothing!
My Nephew Luke in backyard trying to ride the goats!

Last week was a very good one.  I spent it with family in North Carolina.  My wife and I made it down on Wednesday night and got back Sunday night.  Traffic, needless to say, was a nightmare in a nightmare.  So now onto running news.  I did my first “official” “non-official” 5k on Thanksgiving with my brother, Kevin.  Of course, my wonderful wife came out for support.  The mayor of Pine Knoll Shores was there with announcements.  There were no timing chips, or timing boards, or bibs, or any of that.  They announced that if you want your time, you can time them yourself if that is what you want to do.  Of course I did using my Timex analog with no chronograph.  My time is kind of up in the air I guess.  The noise went off and off we went.  The course was beautiful along the Outer banks, and through a golf course.  A lot of it was actually through the course on the green.  Kind of made me think of cross country.  I finished in 26:30, which is over a 2 minute PR.  That was Thursday.  Now on the Friday.  Me and ice don’t mix.  It’s funny, I can run 15 miles but I can’t ice skate around a couple of loops with out falling out on the ice.  With all of my injuries that has kept me from running, they are not from running but other silly mishaps.  I have a couple of bruised ribs and a bad knee from this.  I am into my 5th week of training and not running it but trying to recover.  I must say, that the break is okay, but I look forward to getting back on my feet again.  I hope my ribs feel better next week or toward the end of next week.  I like ice skating, but it apparently doesn’t like me.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My First 5K Race and Week #3 Done.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!  What are you most thankful for?  I am thankful for my family,my wife, church family, and good health amongst a lot of other things.  My wife and I will be heading down to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.  It’s the only chance I get to get away from cold weather, though, it has not been that bad…….yet.  I can not wait to visit some of my favorite eating places while I am down there.  Smithfield’s Chicken and Barbeque!  Woot for Carolina Barbeque!  One of the things I will be doing in terms of running is my first official 5k race.  I have done one before I believe with Twitter, but not with anyone.  I will be doing the Pine Knoll Shores Turkey Trot 5k.  Last year’s turn out was 100 or so, and it’s also free registration.  Yey for free!  The scenery should be awesome along the waters.  I will be running this with my brother, Kevin.  Now, 5ks I know are a lot different than half marathons and marathons in terms of endurance vs. speed.  I use to run the mile in high school and remember what happens when you give it 200% at the end.  So, in this respect, I am a little nervous.  I know I can run the distance, but doing it fast….daunting thought.  I will go out at a comfortable hard pace and just see what happens I guess.  Or, I might just run easy and enjoy the scenery.  Either way, it’s a win-win situation.  This week should be interesting.  I look forward to not really training hard but relaxing especially Saturday Coastal Fishing!!!       
Week number 3 (WE-11/17/2012) of my spring marathon campaign was really good.  I finished out the week with an 8.5 mile long run.  Week’s total mileage = 28.  Weight still coming off steadily. Oh, and another note on word verification....I am finally out reading blogs and I must say, I don't mind proving that I am not a robot if I can read the dang word!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

An Awesome Running Partner and New Shoes

Last week was a very good week.  I was accompanied not just 1 time, and not twice, but 3 times by my beautiful lady running partner, my one and only wife. I usually get up at 4 in the morning to go do my training runs, but we both went after work.  Now that's a win win situation.  Spending time with my beauty and also getting another run in so I can eat extra Papa John's Pizza.  This past weekend we went to get her new running shoes. She ended up with Brooks Adrenaline GT12.  All I know is that she loves them and they feel great, and they make her happy.  Run Happy! :-)  

Is this too tight?
Maybe I should work at a running store or something?  I would make every one else put there own shoes on though. lol.  Speaking of shoes I got my new trainers last week. 

Asics Sky and the new Asics GT1000
The Asics GT1000 is a new model for me.  I have ran in them twice and I will say that I have not had a problem with them as of yet.  Everything fits nicely and they offer a great smooth ride.

Good Bye Orange Sky (500+ miles)!

Hello Blue Sky!  

A little snap shot of all of my running shoes past to present.  Top left, meet Mr. Kayano 15, my first pair with 700+ miles.  Top Right, Meet 2150, I did my first race in these, and now I use them for yard work.  Bottom right - DS Trainer and Orange Crush.  And the two on the bottom left are the newbies.  No, I don't have 100 pair or anything, but I just started running seriously a little over 2 years ago.  Out of all of these, I would say that my favorite pair are my new ones of course.  Just a little update, I am now entering the 3rd week of training and everything is going very well.  As far as what I know during training, you always want to give it your best, but you also want to feel like you could have done more.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Intense Commercials

I am now into my second week of the 2013 Marathon Campaign.  I will be doing the Bob Potts Marathon in May and also the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in NC next April.  I am using the 30 week plan via Hal Higdon.  I am taking advantage of the Speed Training.  I have a mix of 7 Marathons and half Marathons in the past 2 years so I know I can finish them.  Now, its about finishing faster.  Last week I got ready and was on my way to the gym to run a Fartlek Run on the Treadmill.  (I don't like running outside when it's too cold, but will be doing more of that this winter season)  So, I get there and I forget my Ipod Shuffle which is still at home charging.  So...I plug my earphones into the TV stations and watch Good Morning America.  (Boring Show)  What I did was a nice jog speed during the show and then, when the commercials came I did my fartlek pace and kept ramping it up for each commercial.  Once the show resumed I slowed back down to a nice jogging pace.  I had a fantastic fartlek run on the treadmill.  With diet, sleep, recovery, and great workouts, maybe I will run my high school mile again (26.2 x's)

*Happy Voting, and best wishes to Your Candidate!