Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Trot and Dancing on Ice!

Kevin and Kenley at Pine Knoll Shores
Brother Keith fishing (catching) me, nothing!
My Nephew Luke in backyard trying to ride the goats!

Last week was a very good one.  I spent it with family in North Carolina.  My wife and I made it down on Wednesday night and got back Sunday night.  Traffic, needless to say, was a nightmare in a nightmare.  So now onto running news.  I did my first “official” “non-official” 5k on Thanksgiving with my brother, Kevin.  Of course, my wonderful wife came out for support.  The mayor of Pine Knoll Shores was there with announcements.  There were no timing chips, or timing boards, or bibs, or any of that.  They announced that if you want your time, you can time them yourself if that is what you want to do.  Of course I did using my Timex analog with no chronograph.  My time is kind of up in the air I guess.  The noise went off and off we went.  The course was beautiful along the Outer banks, and through a golf course.  A lot of it was actually through the course on the green.  Kind of made me think of cross country.  I finished in 26:30, which is over a 2 minute PR.  That was Thursday.  Now on the Friday.  Me and ice don’t mix.  It’s funny, I can run 15 miles but I can’t ice skate around a couple of loops with out falling out on the ice.  With all of my injuries that has kept me from running, they are not from running but other silly mishaps.  I have a couple of bruised ribs and a bad knee from this.  I am into my 5th week of training and not running it but trying to recover.  I must say, that the break is okay, but I look forward to getting back on my feet again.  I hope my ribs feel better next week or toward the end of next week.  I like ice skating, but it apparently doesn’t like me.  


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