Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My First 5K Race and Week #3 Done.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!  What are you most thankful for?  I am thankful for my family,my wife, church family, and good health amongst a lot of other things.  My wife and I will be heading down to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.  It’s the only chance I get to get away from cold weather, though, it has not been that bad…….yet.  I can not wait to visit some of my favorite eating places while I am down there.  Smithfield’s Chicken and Barbeque!  Woot for Carolina Barbeque!  One of the things I will be doing in terms of running is my first official 5k race.  I have done one before I believe with Twitter, but not with anyone.  I will be doing the Pine Knoll Shores Turkey Trot 5k.  Last year’s turn out was 100 or so, and it’s also free registration.  Yey for free!  The scenery should be awesome along the waters.  I will be running this with my brother, Kevin.  Now, 5ks I know are a lot different than half marathons and marathons in terms of endurance vs. speed.  I use to run the mile in high school and remember what happens when you give it 200% at the end.  So, in this respect, I am a little nervous.  I know I can run the distance, but doing it fast….daunting thought.  I will go out at a comfortable hard pace and just see what happens I guess.  Or, I might just run easy and enjoy the scenery.  Either way, it’s a win-win situation.  This week should be interesting.  I look forward to not really training hard but relaxing especially Saturday Coastal Fishing!!!       
Week number 3 (WE-11/17/2012) of my spring marathon campaign was really good.  I finished out the week with an 8.5 mile long run.  Week’s total mileage = 28.  Weight still coming off steadily. Oh, and another note on word verification....I am finally out reading blogs and I must say, I don't mind proving that I am not a robot if I can read the dang word!!!


Anne said...

I miss North Carolina, and especially North Carolina barbecue. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time and that you finish ahead of most of those entered in the 5k.

Giorgio said...

When I ran short races, such as a
5km, I always made the same mistake: I run too fast along the first km!
Good luck on your first official 5km race and have a great time in North Carolina.

Karen said...

My husband was raised on NC barbecue. True BBQ love right there! Have a great 5k - run FAST!!!!

lindsay said...

belated happy thanksgiving and hope your first official 5k went well. i can't believe you've done a marathon and not a 5k? lol.