Monday, November 12, 2012

An Awesome Running Partner and New Shoes

Last week was a very good week.  I was accompanied not just 1 time, and not twice, but 3 times by my beautiful lady running partner, my one and only wife. I usually get up at 4 in the morning to go do my training runs, but we both went after work.  Now that's a win win situation.  Spending time with my beauty and also getting another run in so I can eat extra Papa John's Pizza.  This past weekend we went to get her new running shoes. She ended up with Brooks Adrenaline GT12.  All I know is that she loves them and they feel great, and they make her happy.  Run Happy! :-)  

Is this too tight?
Maybe I should work at a running store or something?  I would make every one else put there own shoes on though. lol.  Speaking of shoes I got my new trainers last week. 

Asics Sky and the new Asics GT1000
The Asics GT1000 is a new model for me.  I have ran in them twice and I will say that I have not had a problem with them as of yet.  Everything fits nicely and they offer a great smooth ride.

Good Bye Orange Sky (500+ miles)!

Hello Blue Sky!  

A little snap shot of all of my running shoes past to present.  Top left, meet Mr. Kayano 15, my first pair with 700+ miles.  Top Right, Meet 2150, I did my first race in these, and now I use them for yard work.  Bottom right - DS Trainer and Orange Crush.  And the two on the bottom left are the newbies.  No, I don't have 100 pair or anything, but I just started running seriously a little over 2 years ago.  Out of all of these, I would say that my favorite pair are my new ones of course.  Just a little update, I am now entering the 3rd week of training and everything is going very well.  As far as what I know during training, you always want to give it your best, but you also want to feel like you could have done more.


P1t0 said...

You are a lucky man to have your wife as your running partner!

Running Atom said...

For a little over 2 years of seriously running, you already accumulated a lot of miles and shoes at that and you've been a solid Asics Brand Ambassador also. No wonder you and your wife always "Run Happy" =D

By the way, you're looking younger Sir Kenley. :)

Giorgio said...

Win win ... good combination :) It's great to share running with your wife!

Good choice! Asics are the running shoes I like the most. Since 2009 I've been running with Asics Cumulus.

Anne said...

That's quite a colorful collection, Kenley.

lindsay said...

i like how you have all your shoes haha. i used to, but it was getting crazy and i had to get rid of some. :( (donated them to the goodwill or to one of those shoes for africa programs).

hooray for running with your wife!