Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Great Vacation and a Change of Plans

Last week, the family met in the beautiful Smokie Mountains for a great week of fun and vacation. Oh, no what to do since I am in the middle of a training plan for a marathon coming up in November. Simple, I had a blast. My little brother, which I have not ran with ever, which I have been planning a run with for years, Kevin, we went out a few times on a mountainous 7.5 miler at 6 am while every one else was sleeping. The inclines, and declines were out of this world. So, my vacation was awesome, spending time with family and catching up. Thank you Tennessee for the opportunity to have a great time. Oh yeah, he brought his Garmin Forerunner for me to check out, but forgot the charger for it. hahaha. Smooth move bro. As soon as I get some of these pictures downloaded, I will share. Thankfully we were not attacked by any bears on any of our runs. So, now I have a change of plans for this Falls race schedule. Before, I was going to do this Half Marathon in Sept., and a Full Marathon in November. I now, have decided to JUST do the Harrisburg Half Marathon on Sep 11th. I have decided NOT to do a marathon this fall. Maybe next year. I just want to focus on shorter distances for now, and develope speed and work on my diet. I want to explore new running trails, maybe do some trail running or something? Anything but 26.2 miles. So, Half Marathon Sep 11th here we go. There is also another reason too which I will share later for not doing a marathon this Fall.