Sunday, June 26, 2011

8MLR , Acclimatizing

This past Saturday, I logged 8 beautiful miles at the York Heritage Rail Trail. Man, I just love that place. It's about a 45 minute drive away from my house. (Sorry for not being that green.) First Ill talk about the beauty of driving that far to my run. It gives me a chance to acclimatize to the weather conditions. Who would, in there right mind, turn on the heater in their vehicle in the summer? Me! That's who. Whilst on my 45 minute drive, I simply slowly turn up the heat to were it is roughly 5 or so degrees hotter than outside, hydrating along the way. Thus when I step out I am not in shock as to how hot is might be. This past Saturday, though, I didn't have to do that, as I actually got up at 4 AM to go do my long run. It was a nice 68 degrees by the time I got to my destination. But on a serious note, If I ever do a run outside were the temps are high, I DO NOT use the air conditioning. At best I just roll down the windows some, or use the heater to get my body use to the high temps? Running has definitely made me more of a systematic person. Well, the 8 miles went rather well. I wanted to accomplish a certain pace, as it was an out and back, def a negative split to teach my body to get faster and not slow down. I wanted to do within 1 min higher than my half marathon best last year, so to do this I needed to do 11:15 miling. End result? 11:12 miling with a negative split. This was probably due to the act that there were no ice cream stands open along the trail since I was way early. I did not get harassed by the Gingerbread Man this time. Maybe, cause I wasn't going fast enough? Well, right at the parking area there is a porta potty, which I obviously take advantage of before I go on my run. And the cool thing is, is that it is King Sized, or American Sized. It's almost as big as a Nipa Hut. All in all, the run turned out great. The second half turned out around 3 minutes faster. Later on, I will start to inject some marathon pacing into my long runs of no more than 12 miles or so, but for now, it's about getting my body use to the distance again. Take care.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

400s and the Gingerbread Man

This morning for Speed Training I opted for something a little different.

After warming up with 2 miles, I had planned to do 4 X 400 meters on the track.

The warm up was not a problem.

The first 400 @ 1.47 was not a problem.

The second 400 @ 1.44 was a little problem towards the end.

The third 400 @ 1.40 anounced a "getting bigger" problem toward the last 50 meters.

The fourth 400 @ 1.46 yelled at me during the last 100 meters, thus my time going back up a little.

What was this problem you might wonder?

It was the infamous attack of the Gingerbread Man, other wise noted as my guts wanting to dispose of waste.

It's ok, It's ok, I learned from this experience, though the actual speed session turned out great.

I have not ran that fast in hmmmmmm.... 18 years or so since high school track.

Lesson Learned

1. Make Triple sure all waste matter is disposed of prior to a fast event, especially 400s, since they are really fast (fast being a relative term, fast for me. lol)

2. Sports Drink an hour before, NOT Gu gels or ANY kind of food matter since on the 3rd 400, up came the Jet Blue Berry or what ever it is GU.

Overall, I had a blast. I even managed a cool down of .5 miles afterwards.

My pace ranged from around 6.58 miling to low 7 somethings.

Even after the 1st round, I could feel it in my legs so bad, the lactate build up, incredible.

To summerize the whole event and how I feel....

1. 400's HURT!!! (in a good way of course)

2. Where did my oxygen go?

3. The first one doesn't seem that far, the more you do, the farther they seem.

4. To EVER be a faster runner, I've got to do some more FASTER RUNNING.

5. It's a really Hard Session.

6. I hope it pays off, and it will, cuz that's quality speed miles in the BANK I will cash out come race time.

7. No, NOT next week again. I will try a TEMPO or FARTLEK.

...........................and the next time, I will try not to invite Mr. Gingerbread Man to the Party!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I am a little late posting this, but last weekend I completed my long run of 6 miles.
There is nothing like the total driving time to your favorite running spot bypassing the time of your run by a lot. It is worth it.
My favorite place for my long runs is the York Heritage Rail Trail.
Reason - F L A T.
Though, later on, I will do some long runs with some hills, nothing beats not worrying about inclines for the time being.
The run was pretty good.
I made sure to slow it down by 1.5 minutes per mile slower than race pace due to the nature of it being a long run and the fact that it was pretty darn hot.
I had a blast.
There were bikers out and other runner people.
They were extremely friendly as they passed or is did I.
There were 2 spots along side the trail were you can buy ice cream.
Honestly, I don't see how people eat ice cream on hot days.
It's like, wow, I'm hot, so I'm gonna chug a quart of milk products.
I guess if you had that and ran, you would make sour cream in your gut.
First time in a while that I had a GU, .....yeah, they still work as intended. (as long as your hydration is well enough.
So, Now that I am focusing a little more on speed, I hope to complete the Half Marathon with 9:06 miling in order to have a crack at going under 2.
So with this knowledge and realistic goal setting, I must set up my training as such.
I'd dare say, "It's time to go to work"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Speed Session a Success

Yesterday morning, I headed out to the track for a speed session.
It worked out very good.
Total Distance covered was 3.75 miles Plus 1 mile of warm up and 1 mile cool down.
I completed 2 sets of controlled speed ranging from Hard, Harder, and Hardest.
3 minutes of each with 3 minutes of recovery jogging in between.
On my last and final hardest rep on the second phase, I timed myself doing 7:45 miling, which, in my books, is quite impressive considering it was towards the end after completing 3.5 miles of hard work.
All in all, I had a great work out, and today, how I feel (legs) proves it so.
Next week, I plan on doing 8 X 400.
Once asked, "How hard should you train?" ........"as hard as you can train CONSISTANTLY!

...........this week's long run........6 miles, or 8 depending on how I feel.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Speed Training / upper body stuff

Tomorrow will mark my first ever Controlled Speed Session. Yes, I have done some faster running before, but never really considered it an actual session.

Will be recovery rate, fast, faster, and very fast, followed by some recovery running in between, and the the process all over again. Twice, Each fast type speed will be run for 3 minutes with 3 minutes recovery, and then after the very fast, 5 minutes recovery run.

Next week, I will try 400's. How many reps should I start with, and how much recovery time do I need is the question>

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Time to go to Work / Goal Specific

In my last post, I mentioned a little bit about being Goal Specific.
In my running up until now, I have not been that strict as far as setting goals and obtaining them. I have 2 marathons completed, so I have a bit of knowledge of what is required to finish. Finish being the key word, as that was all I wanted.

To finish a Marathon is one thing. To compete with yourself in a Marathon is quite another.
I believe I am ready for this challenge.

To gear up towards this I plan to be Goal Specific. By that, I will specify what target time I want, and train for that with in reason and what my ability of running is at this stage.

Now it is time to go to work. Time to stop lollygagging around.

Last week was a good week. I did 3 park runs Mon, Wed, and Fri. On Saturday I completed my first long run since May 1st's Gettysburg Marathon. 5 miles. With out Stopping, and with some Marathon Pace in there.

So my plan is to inject regular runs of course, some tempo, speed work (intervals) HILL work, and not to skimp on my long runs. With in, I plan to also 'Cross Train' as well.

One thing that I have discovered is that Marathon Training for Time Goals does not only mean that you are training when you are Running, but also during non Running activities such as your diet, sleep, etc..

I have learned so much in the past two years of running from this Blog alone, by readers and their comments, Marathon Talk, books, but most of all, through my own experiences.

I WILL run Boston before my 40th Birthday. From there who knows. Maybe Comrades?

As much fun running is, Its time to go to work, and its time to push the Serious Button, now that my system is done resetting and I am back in the swing of things.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Training Starts Again Soon, or Now

July 11th will mark the first week (18 Weeks) of my next Marathon Buildup towards the Harrisburg Marathon on Nov 13th. Since my latest one on May 1st I have rested and recovered, but at the same time, kept moving, although my pace felt like it diminished a bit. A little bit over a month now, I feel quite refreshed.

This week, it feels like every thing is coming back. I am working on some base building till July 11th training to train.
This time around, I plan to focus my attention towards my diet. I know I could go faster if I lose some (a lot) of weight.

I remember a year ago my thoughts were far from even imagining qualifying for Boston or anything like that. Well, now I have a different view on that. If I continue to make the same progression, I should be able to do it a few years from now.

What am I going to do differently?
Pay close attention to my training schedule.
Perhaps join a Running Club? Strong Maybe!
Diet Diet Diet.
Start introducing a variety of hard sessions into my training such as speed work (400's, 800's, mile repeats, tempo, injecting marathon pacing into my longer runs, etc..)

I will be doing the Half Marathon September 11th to see how things are going in which I hope to run a sub 2 hour. 1:55 - 2:00 I will be happy, 1:50 - 1:55, very happy. For this I am hoping for a sub 4:30 marathon time. Yes I am listing times. Reason - GOAL Specific.

Now that I have completed a few marathons, I am gearing myself up to be more Goal Oriented with my running. Now, It is time to dig deep and go to work.