Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sickness, Job Promotion, Adapting.............

I am about long overdue for a post. I am almost through the adaptation period of getting use to running at a way different time of the day. I can say this much, that I have not had to time to read or catch up on any one's blogs for a time now as evident in the lack of comments.

A few weeks ago, I was sick, really sick, and after wards a cold stuck around for a week or so really throwing a wrench into my engine. My training had suffered quite a bit, and here I am suppose to run a Marathon in a month's time? hahaha. Something else happened too.

I was a driver, going into work at 5pm and getting off Lord knows when. Three weeks ago, I applied for a position at my company. Now I am a Safety Manager, part Director (babysitter) over 215 drivers. I now work 8-5 Mon thru Fri. I remember the first weekend I had off. It felt like a vacation. What? Two days off in a row? lol. The stress is a bit more, and my voice is often horse at the end of the day from talking so much. My office use to be on the road, but now it's inside a building. At least I have a window to look out at the blue sky and all. Adapting to this work has been quite easy I suppose.

What hasn't been easy is including running into that. The first week I tried running after work and quickly found out that was a no go. I was too tired at the end to really focus on any running really, and I also found that family time was not there. The second week, I tried getting up in the morning to run before work. That was the ticket. The problem was forcing myself to get in bed at a reasonable time.

Now, I diligently get up at 3:30 and go do my thing. Now I believe myself to be on track. My goal for the Marathon? To have FUN. To enjoy the course. Heck, I have 6:15 to complete it. My running, though, is coming back. I figured that with every day of sickness, add 1.75 days to gain back the fitness 100% after wards. At least that's how I felt. In case you have been wondering what happened, there you go. I know I remember I said in my last post that I was on track. That was before I got real sick, and I took a promotion. So now, I actually do my long runs on a week end day.