Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hard / Easy

This is my second Marathon Training Campaign. I am currently working on my 9th week. For the past few weeks, I have lost motivation, and have seen it depicted with in my runs. But, this week, I feel reborn. Maybe, I needed to change things around, as every training program is and should be specific to the person doing it. Maybe, my body needed to rest. One thing that I love about my journey into running is the learning process. One thing that I have found out is the principle of Hard/Easy. When I am prescribed an easy run, I often find myself trying to go out like a crazy and smashing myself. This, is obviously the wrong approach, as I was not allowing my body to rest up. I must slow down on easy days, which will let me intensify my running on hard days. So, now I know. Secondly, the thought of thinking that I have to train the day after a long run has been trashed. I thought before, that I HAD to do a recovery run of some sort the day after a long run. Instead now, I might do some cross training or not. At least, I will go for a walk of some sorts. I have changed my training pattern for the last couple of weeks, and this week, I am seeing positive results. I have my mojo back. I have learned, and have reaped the rewards of listening to my body and changing things around. I have learned not to over do it on easy days, allowing me to train hard on hard days. Also, I am not a machine. By this, I mean, I should not feel down when I go out, and can not perform the same way day after day. Every run will be different. I once heard this quote, Life is not complicated, it is just hard. Well, Marathon Training is not only hard, but complicated as well. By complicated, I don't mean confusing complicated, but just very detailed in terms of nutrition, rest, training, etc.. Many factors may limit or hinder my performance. I guess every day is a learning experience. And THAT is what makes running the best thing that ever happened in my life. Though, I have not been spending time with blogging of late, I really appreciate all the support that I get from you all. All of the advise that I get with in the comments are priceless. Thank you. Two weeks ago, I felt like a fly caught in a spiders web. Now I am back on track, and will do everything possible to remain on that track. A lot of things in life can cause you to derail. Let's try to clear the track before we get to that point. I did happen upon a video that is really educational and motivating you can check it out here. If you have not ever ran a marathon, I really would encourage you to view it. Now it is time for me to take flight on my "easy" 5 miler today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping my Eyes on the Road

The past week and a half have not been very good for me in terms of running. Seems I let the lack of motivation get to me, or have I. I could just say that I just ran less. Im always motivated, but my running just was not stellar. Oh, I know, my body needed a break. Today is a new day, and I am about to go kick some asphalt. My motivation is back, or my body is done resting. Whatever the case, it's time. Vacation is over. School is now is session. My focus is back, no more sounds of the tires on the berm ( b. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, & West Virginia The shoulder of a road.) Now I have some (a lot) of cookies and cream Hershey chocolate bars to run off. Hahaha

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exercise Gimmicks, Groundhog Day, Week 6, Other stuff, Long Post

I have decided to quit running and pursue P90X.
Not really...........
Though I do have a rant this week speaking of products. I go to Target shopping and go where the sports stuff is. Now I have been running for 2 years and weight loss and having the perfect body is very hard, because you must also focus on your diet too and your whole life cycle of sleeping, etc. But it irks me to no end when I see silly stupid products that say crap like ......only 10 minutes a day to a flatter stomach, and total body work out in 8 minutes. Remember 8 minute abs? Ywah, do that, and then eat a big mac and see the results come in. People like you and me know better. But I have a feeling those products are designed for big desperate people. I was even shocked at what Jillian Michaels puts on her boxes of stuff. Desperate people are drawn to keywords like "fast" and "6 weeks". 10 years ago, I will confess to buying a total gym, you know the one with Chuck Norris. I will say, that was the biggest piece of crap known to man, well, I thought so anyways. I think it ended up on the curb in a month or so. I wouldn't even give it away, so I hope you are reading this Mister Chuck Norris! Is there a product out there were you can use it for 8 or 5 minutes a day and look perfect? Too bad you can not train for 5 minutes a day for a Marathon.......not! It's the long hours and arduous training that makes crossing that line worth it. Big desperate people make things complicated when they want to lose weight so they go out and give in to all of these gimmicks, like I did with the Total gym. Losing weight and being fit is NOT complicated, it's just HARD! Unless you are willing to put in the work, DON'T expect results. On the bright side, the ground hog says that Spring is coming early.

This week is number 6 in the 18 week Spring Marathon Training Campaign. It's time to cut back, and I am glad of that. I need it. I have a sudden loss of motivation brought about by several things. The first one would be this weather. I hate winter. Last week, a running friend and I went to the park and ran in a foot of snow. It was "Fun Misery". I don't know what other things could cause me to lose a sense of direction and focus, but I am assuming that it has to do with an overload of sorts? Next week I should be in full swing mode. I guess you know something wrong if you get a text stating "Hey, what's up with EOR, not posting of late". Well, I have not been doing much reading either, so sorry for that. It's weird, but I find that my running and blogging sort of go hand in hand. So....if you don't see a post for a while, it probably means that my running has been drowlted. (Don't ask what that means, I made it up)

Another thing, I have also changed up my training plan as far as the days I do runs and my long run day. 2 reasons

Reason 1 I changed my Long Run day to accommodate my running buddy so we can do that on the same day. He wants to now run the marathon as well. Plus, I found that have a running buddy on my long run helps out a lot. We both listen to our ipods and run along. We don't find it rude. It's just plain nice to have some one else around, and esp in the city. Weird things happen and there is a lot of weirdos out there.

Reason 2 I changed my runs around and what not so I can have more time off during the week for other things. I think I need the time off anyways. Feb 6th will be my first time at Church to play the piano for the congregation. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I took lessons when I was a kid. I know how to play pretty well by ear and by notes. But I should say that playing the piano and running are alike in many ways. Though I have not played piano in a long time, It only took a few minutes of playing to sort of get it back together. A new song can be daunting, esp when there are a lot of flats and or sharp keys, but like a long run, you take each measurement (mile) at a time.

I can say that running for me has been a life changing event. I might not ever be as fast as Richard Simmons or Oprah, but I have learned a lot from what I have done so far to propel me forward in a new arch of realism. I see things in life differently. Things that don't seem doable, now are, esp after you push yourself through a marathon, walking, running, trodging, or whatever. If you have never done a Marathon, no matter how fast or slow you are, I would recommend doing at least one in your life.

Ok, I have to add this in. (from first paragraph) I get done with this post and go in the living room to see what the News people are saying. There is this doctor that says "You would not believe how big your stomach really is" and goes on by asking "Sit ups, Starvation?". "Later I will show you how WITH OUT sacrifice. What is it with people?

The last time I checked, in order for me to get a paycheck, I have to go to work. What's with all of these people wanting bling bling with out putting out any effort. Even......well, I won't go there. So, what is the latest exercise gimmick you have seen?