Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a quick Question really. (p90X)

Training has been going pretty good thus far. I have my long run of 14 miles to attend to here shortly, but I have just a quick question. Yesterday, on TV, I saw this advert for a P90X work out program. Has any of you tried this out? Does it work? And is it ok for runners. So far for the year, I am up to 5X10 pushups with my perfect pushup thing that I do 3 times a week. I have noticed a difference already, and feel better. I am just wondering about this p90x thing? Thanks, any suggestions would be nice. I was thinking about doing it for crosstraining?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fabulous Long Run / New Running Equipment

Yesterday morning I set out to do my long run of 13 miles (added another .1). I believe the weather was around 22 and cloudy. As much as I hate the cold weather, I decided it was time to face up to it and drink the cup. So my running buddy and I headed to the greenbelt in Harrisburg (Didn't take pictures, but on the left is what it looks like with out snow) where my last marathon was held.
Most of the paved trail was covered in snow, and or just plain out slippery, but we decided to crack on with it any ways. I was all geared up and off we go. After the first few miles, I started to get right into it. There was a certain calmness about it, and the running company felt great. Someone to talk to about running other than the people that don't care about what you have to say about running, you know the people that ask you "How long is your marathon?".
Over the weekend I bought a hydration belt. It's the Nathan Trail 4. But not the one that velcros in the front, but clips, then you adjust the tightness on the sides. It holds 4 300ml bottles (two in the front, and ....well, 2 in the rear). *I should have had this for my last marathon, then I wouldn't have gotten dehydrated. One lesson I learned is that if you are not a speedy marathon person, the time out there is equivalent of pretty much doing an ultra. Extra fuel is a necessity.
Back to the hydration belt thing, I simply loved it, and do not know why I didn't get one sooner. I always feared doing long runs outside, and did them on the treadmill because of hydration issues. I guess as we progress our running experiences, we gain more knowledge. The thing I learned from this is that you just never know unless you give it a go.
So what did I do wrong, other than stepping in geese crap on the river front? Before I left, I might have thought it was summer outside, because I had my bottles of hydro in the fridge and then placed them in the freezer for about 30 minutes to make them slushy. lol. The first half of the run was great as the bottles in front were doable. Half way back, I replace the bottles in the front with the ones in the back. Duh, they are frozen. Oh well, live and learn, or should I say run and learn. Next time, I will leave them at room temp.
Despite that problem, the run was awesome. I ran the whole thing (well stopped a few times on the wooded part to make yellow snow) but the snow and ice skating were a big problem, or was it. I always try to find a positive in everything, so here it goes. I figure with my marathon being in May, there probably won't be any snow on the ground. By doing my long runs, and other runs in the slushing snow, that just means I will be that much tougher when race time comes. I soon hope for the snow to go away.
I love my new running gear. One thing that my running partner found out was that hydration is just as important in the winter time than that of the summer time.
My time was around 2:20 which is 7 minutes over my Half marathon PB from Sept. 2010. I thought I was going rather slow though. Maybe I am getting fitter? I shall see in the months ahead of me.
My running buddy is somewhat new to running, I had to tell him not to get antsy as he wanted to go out a little faster. He is a hell of a runner though. We plan to do the Gettysburg Marathon together, well to race not run with each other. We already planned for each man for himself type thing.
That's enough rambling for one post so I will depart with asking a question that I thought of while reading another runner's blog today.
I would be curious of the answers.
How Hard Should you Train?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

3rd week training recap / Marathon dreams, confidence boosting, Ironic

This week was brilliant.
34 miles logged.
8 mile long run with miles 3-4, and 7-8 done at marathon pace or slightly higher.
93 pressups done (3 days, @ 3x10, 3x10, 3x11) Second week in doing this, and I am actually feeling the effectiveness from doing them.
15 minutes of crutches or crunches, whichever.
I did bag one interval session which I really like doing now. I have never done an interval session in my life, I don't even remember doing it in High School Track and Field. Or did I? I might have, and don't know since my mind was else where. My 'unsaid till now' (I can say it now right? You can make resolutions anytime you want) New Year's Resolution is to stop being a "one paced plodder" and to dig in and get going.

So all in all, I had a great week. Though I know this week was to give my body a rest, I did do that. I usually add a bit more intensity but keep miles down. I think the only difference in this week and the other weeks is the distance of the long run.

In other news, I want to discuss my Marathon Dream and hidden potential. I have never ran at anything faster than 9 minute miling for an extended amount of time in fear of ripping my feet apart or my lungs bursting. The other day, at the gym, I decided to push the number 9 mph (6:30 miling) to check it out due to curiosity. (*I know that treadmill running and outdoor running are different, but I usually find out that my pace is actually faster outside for some reason) With that said, the first 10 seconds, it threw my body into a jolt of realism. I felt like I was on a different planet. It was something new? Well, newish, since I did run a 4:38 all out mile in high school. The leg turn over was brilliant. My hips were high, and my form was something new as well, not slouched but straight and heading after 30 seconds, my breathing was established, and my body was then aware of what was going on. I stopped after 1 minute. After wards, I felt elated. I was shocked at what I had done. For me, it was a major accomplishment and a great feeling knowing that my legs and arms and everything can go that fast. With all of that being said, I know, now, that there is a speedy beast inside of me that wants to get out and go. I have confidence like never before.

Now, all I have to do is maintain that pace for 170 minutes, and 18 seconds!

I am new to marathoning, so I know that this will be a long term goal, but I KNOW that it is achievable. and I am NOT stopping at that. I will do a sub 2:40 marathon in my life time, or when I get to Heaven, either or. (Do they have Marathons in Heaven you think?) For now, and with this upcoming marathon, I aim just to do the best I can and to nail it and produce results.

Results, by the way, come from arduous and consistent (hard) training.

OK, Im done with my running soap box. I am awake now.

Lastly, it was very ironic that I received 2 comments on my last post about Marathon Talk and they were from the people who were influenced by it or influenced me.

1. Meg - who got into listening to it and shares it with her husband.
2. Paul - fellow runner from the UK who actually introduced it to me.

For all of you that do not listen to the podcast, are missing out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Marathontalk / Running Podcasts

Happy Birthday to If you are not sure of what that is, it is a weekly podcast of all about running marathons. Go check it out if you would like to listen to a rich filled show full of running stuff and information galore. I would advise it. Heck, I have learned so much from the show myself. So, what is nice, is if you are new to them, you have 52 episodes from last year to catch up on. Enjoy! Do you have any other favorite Running Podcasts or shows that you like to listen to? I believe one of the great things about listening to programs such as these is that you can gain a lot from them, or you can 'can' the information. I know that each runner is different, and has different approaches and view points on certain things. Next week, or whenever, I will feature another running podcast that I stumbled on. And....if running to music is your thing, don't miss out on an upcoming post on "free" music to run to. Hope every one is enjoying the new year. Cheers!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2nd week recap

Second week - Completed
Long run 11 miles - went rather well.
6 runs total.
2 sessions.
Miles total - 37

I actually also managed to bang out some press ups 3 days with sets of 3X10 using the perfect pushup that I got for Christmas of 09'.

Core work has been implemented as well which has had a tremendous impact on my running.

The speed sessions, which I have not really done before, have really helped out a lot getting in faster leg turn over, etc..
Instead of going at the same speed all of the time. What is fun is injecting this into my long runs working on not just endurance, but speed endurance as well.

I also managed to do one Park Run on Wednesday bringing in a time of 34min 33 sec over a nice course of 3.59 miles. The last time I attempted this my time was just over 38 minutes.

All in all, I had a fabulous 2nd week.

Now, on my third week, I ease back down in mileage, but will be incorporating some high intensity training.

Now...............if I can only work on my diet, especially Sunday, commonly called Junk Day!

My A goal this year is the Half Marathon in September setting a time of under 2 hours. But, should I limit myself, no, but rather just nail it and see what happens.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Into the Second Week / Goals for 2011

So...this week is my second week of my spring marathon campaign. Everything is going rather well thus far, and I am surprised at my fitness level, despite all of the weight that was gained over the last month and a half after my Nov Marathon and with the holidays and such. I am noticing the weight melting off, though. I have thus picked out a reasonable time goal for this marathon being 4:30. (plus or minus 15 minutes) With having this in mind, I know now how to SPECIFICALLY train.

My long run this week was 11 miles which went very well. I introduced marathon pacing into it with the first 4 miles @ 1 minute slower, then 6 miles @ or close to 10 minute miling, then the last mile 30 seconds faster than marathon pace. That was a brilliant run.

I did not post any recaps on my first week, though suffice to say, it went very good as well. I managed to drop off 2 pounds, and the running went fantastic.

I do have some goals for 2011.

Racing - 2 marathons, 1 13.1 race. (I don't like the term Half Marathon, 13.1 miles is a big deal, and half makes me feel half ass)

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, not counting the hydration used during runs.

More strength training, including core core core core core core.....infinity.

1000 plus minutes of elliptical

Diet - My main problem is not what I eat, it's how much. I must simply ask myself.....Will I be able to effectively run 2 hours after I eat this? So far, that is working out brilliantly. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Get an average of at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. I actually keep a 7 day average going.

In 2010, my goal was to do 10 miles under 10 minutes, this year it's 10 miles under 9.

To do at least 2 magic mile time trials, which my first one will be this spring.

Over all, to become a better runner, and to utilize the energy stores that I already have (fat) instead of relying on gels. By doing this, I will be able to get closer to my optimal body weight. I have already done this with my long runs by just using sports drink to replace sodium. So far, with my 2 long runs, I actually find I have more energy not using gels than using them. Now this might change once I get up over 15 miles.

So.......there are a few of my yearly goals. As you can see, they are not really that specific, but general in nature. I am better at setting short term goals, as they are more specific and more targeted towards time and what not.

For all of you that have your 2011 goals in place, I wish you all the best at accomplishing them, whether they are to lose weight, get faster, pr, and whatever. Good luck and safe journeying to all. Most importantly, stay safe and be smart.

Just one quick last note.... The Asics Sky Speed shoes now have a little over 20 miles on them, and they are working out great. No blisters, no problems with my feet. I can actually sense my feet and especially ankles getting stronger.