Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spring Marathon Campaign Kicks Off!

This week notes the first week of my 18 week training cycle for my upcoming Spring Marathon. I have decided to use Hal Higdon's training strategy this time around. I really like how detailed he is, even on the free courses with planning your runs. I will also be adding strength training to my weekly diet and CORE training which I am lacking in at the moment. I still have some gravy lurking around in my blood stream from last weekend. Though, at this time, I am not really certain what my marathon pace should be. Any help at figuring this out or advise would be appreciated. Do you just pick a goal time and go from there? I do plan to run the whole thing this time around as I will have ample time to correctly train for this one.

I am excited to be a part of the Gettysburg North-South Marathon May 1st. The marathon will actually commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the 'Battle of Gettysburg'. The runners from the union states will be running the south course and the runners from the confederate states will be running the north course. Next year, you can flip flop to run both of the courses. I think that is a Brilliant idea at the least. There will be lots of activities and going ons in Gettysburg that weekend. Before the race, the National Anthem will be sung. Awesome.

OK, in other news, it was my birthday December 27th. I am always forgetting how old I am so I will just say 35 from here on out. So here is what I got.

Asics Gel DS Sky Speed
A superior, race-inspired training flat, this 9.8-ounce gem is pure performance. Features ASICS® Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) and a neutral platform, to allow high-mileage training, with an enhanced Biomorphic Fit® Upper for superior comfort.

When I went to the running store to check these out, I got my feet analyzed to make sure they were ok for me. I found out that I have a neutral foot impact. I don't overpronate and I don't under pronate. That was good news. I told Jim at the running store what I was looking for. A light weight shoe with little or no cushioning. I love my 2150s, which are now 2160s, but I don't like the marshmallow affect on my feet. He suggested I try these out.

I took them for a s
pin yesterday on a speedy 3 miler. I absolutely love them, and many thanks to my lovely wife for getting them for me along with the Ipod Shuffle that I got for Christmas. (That thing rocks, as I do not have to worry about my arm falling asleep or loss of blood circulation because of an arm strap.) OK, now what happened immediately is that I had very little heel contact as I pretty much landed midfoot. It felt like I was not even wearing any shoes at all, they were so light. Though I know I should not thank the shoe for the extra speed, my pace was a lot faster than normal, I am assuming from the different running form, etc.. I know that shoes don't make you a faster runner, though I am convinced that the proper shoe certainly helps. I love this shoe.

Next up on the list of shoes to try out is the DS - Trainer 16. The difference in the DS trainer and Sky is the stability. Have you guessed that I am an Asics guy? lol. Who knows, I might just actually try out barefoot running sooner than I would have thought so.

I wish everyone a Healthy Year, an injury free year, as you run into 2011. Thanks for your continued support here at EOR. I will be catching up on my blog reading asap.

Friday, December 24, 2010

3 day carbo load and new cross training

This weekend I am going down to NC for 3 days for Christmas Vacation. I am not going to run. Just have Fun for three days off carbo loading I suppose on Christmas Cookies and stuff. That will give me something to look forward to losing starting on Monday. I have a few more weeks left until my spring Marathon Campaign starts officially. I am branching out here, but I have stated before that I hate the elliptical. Well, I really didn't give it a fair shot. I only tried it for a few minutes. Well, the other day, I did a 10 minute session and Wow. I will def be adding this to my weekly routine of cross training. I apologize for not being a good reader with the blogs that I follow. As you can tell, I have not posted often of late as well. Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New year. I hope that every one's will be a good one. I believe that the Grinch needs to do some core work. Maybe some one should give him the perfect situp for Christmas?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time off from Running

After my Marathon November 14th, I was anxious to do another one, not any time soon, but in enough time for me to rest, recover, and train for another one. Since then, I have not been putting that much mileage in the banks. I have been running more quality miles, more focused on my form, speed, and endurance. But I have not been training for anything specific. and...........I love it. It's a great feeling to know that if I miss a run, I'm not missing too much. I did gain weight, which I heard was quite normal after a Marathon. But, interestingly enough, my speed has improved quite dramatically. During my tempo runs, I have been averaging around the 9 minute per mile pace of 6-7 miles, and sub 9 minute miles for the last few. Last week's total mileage was 20. This week, I will be aiming for 15.
I love eating single with cheese at Wendys with fries and sweet tea (Biggie Size)
I can't find my oatmeal.
................So I will have an apple fritter or two and doughnuts with at least 20 oz. of Milk.
I guess I picked a good time to rest after a Marathon, well, it being Thanksgiving and now Christmas.
But I am still getting "some" running in, and I actually plan to do a long run of 2 miles today. I meant 10.
So, the diet has been offfffff, and my running has dwindled down. But I feel great despite the extra weight feeling..........oh, and the chocolate that my wife "tries" to hide from me which I always tend to search, seek, and destroy. You know those little individual hersheys chocolates wrapped up in foil. Well, I will unwrap 10 of them and have them ready to chase down with milk.

Ok, you get the picture, so now it is time for me to get serious.
January 2nd starts my 16 week training cycle for another Marathon May 1st.

The Gettysburg Marathon.

What makes this one special is that it's the first one celebrating the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.
Two re-enactment soldiers from the north and south will be doing a shoot off at the start.
All runners will pick the North or South and run their course.
Cannon Balls will be loosed on the course. (not really but sounds cool.)
After wards, you can have your post race photo with the soldier re-enactment dudes.
Let's see, I was born in South Carolina, raised in North Carolina, but I am living in Pennsylvania.
I have a Dilemma.

My goal, getting around in one piece with out having one of my legs amputated.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Timed Sessions rather than that of Distance Boosts Performance

It has been 3 weeks since my debut marathon. My body is recovering and has almost recovered fully. With that being said, I have started to interject some good quality focused sessions into my running. I actually have a new perspective on my running, training to be more specific. I am now more interested in the quality of my runs, be it form, speed, etc.. I am implementing more of a timed means of running rather than just saying that I will run for a certain number of miles. Upon doing this, I have found that my overall pace and cadence has improved dramatically. My schedule last week was all based on time rather than mileage, but in the end the mileage was what I was aiming for. With timing my sessions, I find that my running quality improves. If I just give myself a certain number of miles to run, I just manage to trodge through it with no bearing on speed or anything. Last week I managed to bang out a long run of 90 minutes (8.6 miles) followed by a 45 minute recovery run the next day. I also did a 70 minute speed progression run of 7.4 miles with the last two miles being under 9 minutes. With that distance, it was the fastest I had ever done so as well. Needless to say, I had a banging session, and more importantly, my whole week was decorated with banging sessions. My overall focus is on speed endurance instead of just endurance. I will carry this into the year 2011. I will not make any new goals in 2011 but rather carry out what I am doing now. Why wait until the new year. Start NOW. Though, I will have some specific goals next year be it races, PBs, etc obviously. In the Spring, I will perform a Mile time trial to see where I am at with that. *I hate the cold weather. In the mean time, I will have a go at keeping on doing what I am doing now. Remembering to rest on the 4th week of course as the golden rule to not overdoing it. So that is where I am right now in terms of running. My next marathon will be in May so I am building a strong platform now to go on.

As far as the GU giveaway, I have a winner, and that person was notified. If you were not notified, better luck next time and stay tuned for more. As always, I would like to say thanks to all for valuable and informative comments on this site.