Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eating Healthy and Having a Great Time

Last Sunday, the day before my long run,my wife and I had a great time at Hershey Park all day. As a runner, I have changed my diet quite a bit adding in more fruits, vegetables, and all that other stuff, except for the protein shakes with spinach in it (no thanks, I'm not Swamp Thing, although I got attacked by him last summer). I try to eat moderately healthy most of the time.

Now, when I go to the movies, or an amusement park, I don't go carouselling around trying to find a fruit salad or water. When I'm at the movies I go at it with popcorn, coke (about 500 ml of it or more, and chocolate and the whole nine yards (and m&ms Lindsay). When I am at the amusement park being not so "amused" by the tons of people always getting in your way, I go for it and just take a dive into the great nutritional food. After all, I don't go to the amusement park but once a millennium. And, we wouldn't have gone if my wife wouldn't have gotten FREE tickets from her sponsors. Every now and then, as a runner, it's a good thing just to have a great time and completely FORGET about running, except for running into people.

So here is a great healthy diet at the amusement park.O yeah, dig in and wash that funnel cake down with a gallon of coke!!!!!!!!
Come on calories - hit me.

Yeah, my wife is rather handy with the camera. She always loves to snap shot every waking moment. Here I go walking around with a bag of kettle cooked sweet and salty popcorn.

At least it has plenty of salt for my long runs.

Now.......where's my gallon sized cup I got for $9.95 with the $4.50 refills! ..............NOT!

..........I still have half the bag if you want some. I love to share! It's good and healthy

Now, what to do after this day of spending $50 on junk food and waiting in line for 1 hour for rides that last less than a minute (at least it wasn't summer time were the lines can be 3-4 hours)? Time to go home and rest and relax with 2 large pizzas. Go amuse yourself! If you can't get to an amusement park, just go to the grocery store and hammer it down the candy isle! Take a crack at some new junk foods that you never have tried out before. As a matter of fact, on my long runs, I have twinkies in my camelbak. The cream in the inside just makes you wanna run more so you can have more and more. hehehe

*****disclaimer - eating lots of amusement park food is not good for you if you do it all the time, but every now and then t's ok. I just don't know how you would add up weight watcher points with this diet. Don't blame me if your stomach expands out some.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Run plus a little bit of Jeff Galloway (18 plus 6)

Today, I had an 18 miler planned. That went rather well. I had a little bit of discomfort in my lower abs but I cracked on with it. The first 12 miles I did at a good slow and steady pace, and the last 6 miles of my 18 I did at a faster pace. I felt really good and confident in my miling and pacing. I wouldn't really call it raining, but it was misting constantly. After I was through with the 18 miles I decided to experiment some since I had some more time left. I decided to start cracking some miles Galloway Style. Yeah, I know, that does not seem like me, but I figured why not. (The book you see in the top right, I actually bought about a year ago and read it, ....great stuff) .......So I did another 6 miles totaling 24 in all. I did a ratio of running for 2 minutes then walking fast for 1 minute. I was actually surprised at the pacing as the miles seemed to roll away pretty fast. All in all my total time on my feet today was 4:33. So....Thanks Sir Jeff G. for making my run today a success in terms of being on my feet. I apologize publicly, though I know you would never read my blog, for dissing you in my previous posts. I have a change of heart. Although this Marathon is my B goal, it will also give me an idea of what to shoot for in 2011! At least a ball park figure. And......I hope that this will also give me the opportunity to pursue other areas of my running as well. hehehe...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harrisburg Marathon 2010

I will be running the Harrisburg Marathon on November 14th, 2010.

"That's all I gotta say about that".

Run Kenley Run!

p.s. I wonder if that outfit is really gonna chaff him up? "nah, I am sure he Vaseline'd his legs up pretty good"!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hydration for Runners, Sports Drinks

As many of you know already, hydration is one of the key elements that play a crucial roles in running. It is not only vital to hydrate before, during, and after your run, but necessary to stay hydrated on a continual basis. In Marathon Talk's 27th episode, an interview has taken place with Nick Morgan who discusses proper hydration.

About a month ago, I set myself a goal for hydrating on a daily basis. I simply carry a sports bottle around with me all day (700ml) and go through roughly 3 of them though out the day sipping at regular intervals. My goal is 2 liters of water not counting the other fluids like coffee, and what I use during my runs. If you have your bottle in front of you or in close proximity, that makes it easier for you to think about it. Staying hydrated all day long has made a tremendous impact on my running. I felt cooler even in the hot summer days.

As far as hydrating on the run, I have been using Cytomax, gels and Gatorade, gels and water, and some other mixtures. What is your choice of Sports Drinks? I know that there are more sports drinks out there, but Thomas from Beyond Fatigue, Pain, and ACTN3 is currently using a Product called XOOD. The makers of XOOD states that its product is all natural, simple, and sensible. For Thomas, no complaints are listed as it has actually helped him with "GI tract distress or cramping from using it during a race, regardless of the distance". He is actually doing a giveaway, so go check it out and to learn a little more about XOOD.

One of the most interesting things that I have learned from hydration is that you can not just simply hydrate the night before a Marathon. You need to start hydrating a least a week before hand. Slopping a boat load of water into your system the night before just does not work. What are your Hydration methods? Are you making sure that you hydrate through out the day? What are your favorite Sports Drinks?

Monday, September 20, 2010

What Would you do? What to do now?

What would you do if you were cruising on your favorite race doing 5:30 miling, and you happen upon a runner that stops right directly in front of you on your path? Would you try and redirect yourself avoiding the runner in front of you, but possibly risk an injury to yourself? How would you react to this situation? has been a week now since my debut Half Marathon. As much as I am excited about doing another race, I am just going to build up my strength, endurance, and work on my diet a bit more over the winter. My long run now is 16 miles and will be 17 next week. As tempting as it is to sign up and do the Harrisburg Marathon Nov 14th, I am not sure that I would want to. I am not sure if I would want to do a marathon any time soon. I suppose that a normal track would be to go from doing a Half to a Full. (something about the word half maybe that leaves you incomplete?) Well, I do not feel incomplete, nor do I feel rushed to train or contemplate the idea of signing up for a marathon any time soon. What I do feel compelled to do is to focus and get my Half Marathon time down below 1:30 for starters. This may take a few years to accomplish I realize, but I do also feel that it is certainly achievable. When it comes time to do a marathon, I want to race it, not just simply run or jog it. Anyone can walk/run a marathon and finish it through good training or using Jeff Galloway's methodology, though the medal does seem enticing to complete such an event. A Marathon is quite the event to finish whatever style of getting it done is. I will be visiting the Philippines March of 2011, and it would be nice to have a race there around the city of Manila or on the southern part of Bataan. I believe that the BDM 102k race is in March and actually starts in the home town of my wife, but I don't foresee doing that one anytime soon (maybe in 5 years). For now, I will just build up a very good and strong running base, and keep my eyes open for any possibilities of races. Who knows, I might just do the marathon in Nov and my goal would be to just finish in one piece. "Do it for the medal" sort of thing. Why not?, I have already completed my A Goal this year! Just go and have a crack at it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Marathon / Alex Vero's "Running to the Limits"

On episode six of Martin Yelling and Tom Williams interview Alex Vero. (If you are not listening to, I would suggest doing so, regardless if you are training for a marathon or your first 5k) Alex Vero is a filmmaker and an athlete., though he wasn't always an athlete. He was an overweight beer drinking journalist and filmmaker. With this project, he decided what it would take to become an international marathon runner. With this, he decided to make a film of it.

I decided to order the DVD and have a good crack at it. It is one of the most inspiring stories I have seen. To go from being overweight and out of shape (not even being able to run even one mile) to running a Half marathon in elite stellar times in about 2 years. It is truly remarkable and stunning. The DVD also shows a bit of training. After I ordered it, I received it in about a weeks time. For any runner out there that is needing some motivation, I would strongly advise watching this documentary. It is worth every penny or pound, depending on where you live. For more information or to order go here. £14.99 including free world wide delivery. $2 from the DVD's sold in the USA goe towards the shoe4africa chairty. I would say more about the film, but I do not want to give it all away. Check it out for yourself. It has made me see my running in a different light. I have a new strategy now, and have new goals for myself!

***I was NOT contacted by Alex Vero to post this or paid in any way to write a review on this DVD. I simply loved it, and now I share this with you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harrisburg Half Marathon / "Flyin' K"

So.....this morning was my first Half Marathon. I have trained hard, and my wife has been very supportive of my needs for getting out and getting the job done for this. Well, today paid off well. I wasn't going in expecting a particular time or anything, though I knew that I could jog 13.1 miles easy. Scratch that thought, by the time I started to go, I wanted to RACE. I wanted to see just what all of that training had done. Excuse the blurry picture on the top left, that is when I was coming to the finish; guess I was flying to fast, see the wings? lol First off, the weather was perfect. When I woke up at 5, though, it was a steady down pour. By 8am, at the start, it was a nice 60 degrees and cloudy skies. I have never raced before, so I did not know what to expect. I didn't want to be the guy that holds every one up, so I started some what towards the rear. That was a mistake I will not make the next time. The first two miles seemed like I was moving like a turtle, because there were no paths ahead for me to make an explosion through. I forgot to start my chrono to keep track of my splits, but started it at mile 2. That is when things started to pick up "quite a bit". Some one once told me that racing pace is really different. That is one thing that I learned, and I learned that taper thing is for a reason. I had so much inside of me that wanted to just explode out today. I had a magic day. I had an epic run. I did not stop for anything during the whole time. When I came to the water stations, I practiced crimping the cup and taking sips for a time. Here are my splits starting at mile 2 to the 12th mile. I forgot to stop it when I went through at the end from all of the excitement. 10.17, 10.01, 9.39, 9.43, 10.03, 10.01, 10.20, 9.04, 9.49, 10.13.......Well, that is what I got from the 3rd mile to the 12th. I can not believe I busted a 9.04. My time was 2.13.41.. (** I just realized through the excitement, the time on Smart Coach that I was sort of using as a guide for training stated my time of 2:13:57 - I was 16 seconds faster. lol.) There was also a couple of spots were people HAD to go it single file because of the big puddles left from the rain. Overall, I can not really explain how I feel about it. I know I love it. I am officially bitten by the racing bug. I have learned that racing at whatever distance lets you know how you are coming along in your running. I know for a fact that I gave it 50000% effort today. My legs are telling me this now, and when I crossed the finish line, my stomach also was telling me. I had a PR today. The one person that was there cheering me on was my beautiful wife. Last night after we went and picked up my racing kit, she actually sowed the bib onto my top which actually worked out beautifully. This morning she made sure that I was up, and made me my favorite oatmeal with blueberries in it. She was also the professional photographer. (*see picture to the right here - she deserves a medal for taking care of me and making sure things run smoothly) After I went through the finishers pit and turned in my chip, we checked out the post race food, and I am glad that I had premade a protein shake and had it in a cooler in the car. Believe it or not, they had Reese's pieces cups and chocolate as it was the first thing you came to whilst waiting in line. Next was yogurt, then fruit, then bagels. I suppose this is typical? Well, tomorrow is Monday, and that starts a new week for me. I don't know what is next, but I will pull something out of the hat for sure soon. I am thinking of a 30K trail race on 10/10/10. Who knows though.......I would like to take this time to specially thank all of my readers who have left comments on my site as I was training and going through this. I learned a lot from today. I will learn a lot tomorrow. But there is one thing that I know right now.....I will.....Keep Running.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Green Men (Time Trial, New Goals)

Since my training started for the Half coming up next week, I have not been running anything less than 5 miles, as what the Training schedule called for. Today was suppose to be an easy 5 miler. I decided to do something different however. I went over to the park where I first started seriously running last June of 09'. I did my favorite 2.08 miler (5 laps), not slow, not super speedy out of breath, but at a pace that I thought was rather comfortable but fast (for me). My total time last June was 24:17 @ a 11:40 per mile pace. Today, my total time was 20:10 @ a 9:41 per mile pace. The last lap out of the 5 I did in 3:48.12 which is a 8:46 per mile pacing. That oatmeal with blueberries this morning really helped I'd say. I felt great after wards. So here is a glance back.

Century Park 2.08 miler (5 laps)

June 09 - 24:17 @ 11:40 per mile
Sep 10 - 20:10 @ 9:41 per mile

Summer Goal accomplished Sub 10 minute pacing for at least 2 miles (*outside, not on treadmiles).

Difference in pacing 1:59 minute per mile faster now at a relatively comfortable pace. I remember last year, I was crawling when I was done.

Also Miles per Month Looking back
June 09 - 72
August 10 - 172

It's a good thing for me and for any runner to just take a glance back at were they started till the present. Mind you, I have not ran for long, but I think I have the hang of how things go now in terms of running. ***I think that is why RW magazine just bores me with there flimsy articles they boast about on the front cover, but when you hurry up and excitedly flip to that page, it's a let down. When I feel unmotivated, the little green men inside of my head tell me that I need (better) get my butt out there and crack on with it. I would, though, have to say that what I think helped my times and pacing out were a new diet, and all this training for the half. I think I deserve a Garmin now........NOT. If I were to get one, I would be constantly looking at my hand for my current pace or the temperature outside, then .......wack....knowing me, I would get hit by a car and then what? I should might be wearing a heart rate monitor to make it easier for the EMT guys. I think I will wait another year or 2 or whenever for that. I posted a while back I would get one if I could run a mile under 8 minutes. Now, I am changing that to 6. I haven't even done the mile time trail yet, but maybe I should change it to........I need to run a sub 6 mile for the final mile in a Marathon...........

***side note - wondered off subject

Friday, September 3, 2010

I love running because.....

I love running because it has made me become some one that I would have never imagined, and my imagination is immeasurable.
I love running because it is a never ending spiral. The variables are endless, and the outcomes are unlimited.

Running has deepened my senses and made me realize that there was a whole new bio mechanical person inside of me waiting to lacerate through my old lethargic waste dump and move like I have never seen before. I still have my same body, my same eyes, my same heart, but its metamorphosis is awesome. has deepened my senses and made me realize that there was a whole new being inside of me waiting to lacerate through my old lethargic waste dump and move like I have never seen before.