Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Certain Dates can Effect our Running

Here is just a little bit of information and a response to one of my regular comment running friends. The Harrisburg Marathon, which is scheduled for November 14th, happens to be my Wedding Anniversary with my loving and supportive wife. This date also happens to be the wedding anniversary of Marcia from Running Off at the Mouth who just posted a great recipe of Asian Grilled Chicken and Broccoslaw. Check it out! This date is very important. It will be my 3rd year of marriage, so that means I will do a sub 3? I will if Amanda Loudin from MissZippy1 comes down and gives me a shove. Which, you also need to visit her site because she has an awesome shoe review and a give away (its a warm up jacket). So, I am excited for November 14th. It's going to be a special day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Select Medical Corporation Harrisburg Marathon 2010

.....................Okay, so I changed my mind, but not in mid stride. With my right heel feeling better, and having a better running regiment, I have decided to participate in the 2010 Select Medical Corporation Harrisburg Marathon (as a runner this time around). This will be the first of many marathons to come for me. The date will be November 14th and I will be there. I will be putting in a personal day at work for November 13th to make sure I get 8 hours of sleep before hand. I will also be doing the Half Marathon still (my first too) in September, but will be training for the full. I have put a lot of thought into it. My goal was to do a Half this year, and that I will do with little or no problems since I will be training for a full. So My goal this year will be met with having ran the half. The Full Marathon will be a bonus. If all else fails I will at least finish some how. I will NOT be doing the 15K Trail ace, to reduce the possibility of twisting my ankle in a root or getting bit by a bug with some nasty virus strain. I don't want to get injured before I even start training. So, this year, I have two big races scheduled, and enough time to properly train. If you want to follow along, there are two buttons on the right side for twitter and dailymile. I also started a face book "Essence of Running" group with 16 members so far (WhoooHooo). I plan on starting discussions, and some other cool stuff. If interested, If you are not already my "friend" on face book, just look me up here. Thanks and until next time.......Keep Running and living that dream. Below is a video I took last year at the start.

It was a very nice day in the upper 50s, mid 60s towards the end with very little or no humidity. Who knows this year with the weather. It might just be snowing..........

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Day of Half Marathon Training / Upcoming Races / Strip Mine 9 / 15K

Today was my first day into my 16 week Half Marathon training. It called for 9 miles, for today was my long run day. The Half Marathon will take place in Harrisburg, PA at City Island on September 12th @ 9:00am held by the Harrisburg Area YMCA. I am really excited for this. The course is flat too, unlike the Full which involves Wild Wood Lake Park 5K loop. Training for a race brings Purpose to your Running. I actually did 10 miles instead of 9. I figured I would add another in there. It was not my best run, but I got through it. (This long distance running, I tell you, for I forgot to put body glide or anything on again...Grrrr) Recently for the past two weeks I have been taking it easy, giving my body a rest before the Training started. Another race that I am almost sure of doing is the Strip Mine 9 15K held by the Mid Penn Trailblazers June 13th. Here is what they have to say about it. "Like most trail runs, you run AT YOUR OWN RISK. There will be some rocks, roots, single track, mud (hopefully) and some small hills. There are three aid stations along the course."

My running spirits are elated as I prepare for these two races. The distance with the trail race should not be a problem, it is the terrain that I have to tackle. From what I have gathered a lot of people actually hike this one out. As far as setting a PR, it's simple - both will be a PR. I do not have a strict goal for time on the trail race, but as far as the half, I would like to come in under 2:15 or around there some where. My running has a new meaning now as I finally make way to join races and mingle in with other runners as we all dash to the finish line. This is only the beginning of my Running after a year into it no doubt, and as far as the 15K, yes, I plan on moving slow enough to take lots of pictures - lol! After I earn my Marathon Status, I am planning on 50Ks, etc...... If I never run fast, it's ok, I will just run LONG!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beaver Creek Trail, and more Trails (Gifford Pinchot State Park)

I have been exploring new trails to run on, which I have found at least three in my area. One that I know of loops around the lake at Gifford Pinchot State Park and ranges from 15-20 miles. So I have been doing trail surveying. Trail Running for me has helped out tremendously with over all confidence and total body strength and eye leg foot coordination. One of the things you can do to avoid burning out is to find a new place to run.
At the top, you see Beaver Creek Trail. This is the beginning of a new trail I encountered today while out with my wife adventuring around. Here on the left is me on the side of the trail. The lake is behind me and the trees. I should have a full trail review on Beaver Creek Trail soon. From what I know of now, it offers a plush flat surface mostly leaves or dirt, and gives a spectacular view off to the side of the lake. Whether you are on the leafy trail, or dirt road, paved road, track, or treadmill, running can take you places you can only dream of.........Keep Running!Trying out the surface.......(soft, flat)

My wife picking out a canoe for the water next time...=:)??

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tuckahoe Trail Pictures (Trail Running Experience) Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago, I made a determination to go out and find some trails to run/walk/hike on. I say walk/hike, because some of the terrain on the one trail I did find close to my residence is not runnable the whole way. I went back last week and this time, I brought my cannon power shot to take some pictures to share the experience. This is Tuckahoe Trail......though I do not know the official name, or if it even has own, it is by Lake Tuckahoe (camp). The Park Ranger told me that it leads to the Appalachian Trail. I hope that you enjoy!

Getting There!
The Trail, marked by orange..Here we go..!!!
How nice of the Park Ranger!!
Happy I brought my Camera!!
Having fun with the Camera...
Nicely Shaded....
My New Friend Taking a Break...(cell phone in pocket for emergencies)
....From what I know, there are bears and mountain lions..I wonder if they will pause on eating me while I call for help?
One of many Steep Descents....
Creek Crossing...time to get wet!
Rocks...Watch out!
Going Down Now....
A steep ascent....very the leaves!! They are as slippery as ice!
Green running on carpet. Almost feels as though you are in a fairy world!
hmm...If I can grab that little tree on the right.
Lake Tuckahoe
One of the many creeksA view off to the side of trail....I thought I saw Robin Hood at one time.
Well...I hope that you enjoyed my trail running experience through digital pictures. Though the pictures do not do it any justice. Trail running is something that you have to just go and do.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fitting Running into my Schedule Made Possible by use of Headlamp

Last week, I transferred job locations. I am still adapting to the changes as far as that goes. However, I am closer to work. This can be a good thing as I have had more time to catch up on much needed sleep. (I can not begin to describe the better feeling and energy that I have running when I have the sleep needed, also, it is nice NOT feeling like a zombie on my days off.) Second, the work is easier. I have been able to fit my running into my daily schedule by use of a Coleman headlamp that I bought from Target 2 weeks ago. I bought it for around $10 and every bit worth it. Now, when I get off @ 2-3am, I come home and get dressed up and go running, for this is when I have my energy.

Running in the middle of the night with a headlamp for me is an awesome experience. You are focused on the spot in front of you chasing the light like a cat running around the living room chasing the light from a flash light. I do not use my mp3 player, instead I hone in on the sounds around me. I once saw a raccoon crossing the road. (still waiting to see a vampire) My pace seems to be faster as well, as the imagination kicks in of something behind me. I really need to stop watching sci fi horror movies.........nah. Running @ night is something every runner should experience. It brings out something inside of you I can not really explain. You just need to experience it. So that is how I have been able to fit running into my schedule. I believe for every excuse you have to not run, there are at least 10 ways around it. Have you ever had an obstacle in your way that you needed to hurdle to fit your running into your busy schedule?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuckahoe Trail, Trail Running (@ YOUR OWN RISK)

There is nothing softer than Green Moss that I have ran on as of yet. Thank you God for that. It feels like running on carpet. That was my experience today. A few weeks ago, I did some research on some trails in my area and found a few. At one of those trails in particular, I was greeted by the park ranger of Camp Tuckahoe which is 3.3 miles from my residence. He informed me of a trail that he marked with orange on the trees that lead to the Appalachian Trail. He did not tell me the name of it, so I will call it the Tuckahoe Trail for now, subject to change. I did not know the distance so I just did 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back. Along the way, I was thinking, I should have brought my camera. Pictures next time, I promise. I ran only some of it as I was only checking it out, and besides, a lot of it is not runnable, unless you feel like falling down the mountain. I did, however, learn a lot from this experience on Trail Running.

It works out your whole body, but one thing I noticed is that you need very strong ankles for stability on the rocks, etc..

Watch out for the leaves. They can be as dangerous as running on ICE.

Total Solitude - A chance to really get to know yourself, and be ever so close to God's creation.

I NEED to do core training - .......LOTs of it!

I WILL go back there later this week. I don't know the distance as I do not have a GPS unit, but you know I was not even thinking of distance as I was in awe. I WILL take the good old camera, and I will go farther this time. Oh, and I did purchase a Nathan Quickdraw Plus Hydration bottle a few weeks ago. I love it. Great for the trails.