Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quotes and other Statements of Encouragement and Whatnot.

"Eat like a bird, and when you run, you fly like a bird; eat like a pig, and when you run, you roll around like a pig in the mud - no doubt." Choose your diet wisely and follow the examples of your fellow animal creatures, as you can learn a lot from them.

"When Life gets Tough, go get a Mallet"

Your Stomach as a Fuel Tank - "If you just got through filling up your car with gas, would you drive around the corner to the next gas station and fill up again?"

"When life Throws you a Curve Ball, go ahead and try to hit it. You Never Know if you might just knock a Home Run"

- If you find that your car seat is always getting readjusted, and you can't get comfortable, Rip out the seat and replace it with a milk crate. Enjoy Life's Simplicities.

"A plan with out action is like writing yourself a rubber check; On the other hand, when you are ready to tap into your potential, it's like having a blank check waiting for you to put in the dollar amount"


Chad said...

I think lots of people have the holiday season on their minds, cuz i just posted about eating habits as well! Funny entry BTW.

Kenley said...

Thanks buddy! Hope all is going well for ya! I plan to do more on eating over the next week as we approach Thanksgiving!