Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The "Whenever I Can" Plan

This year has brought a lot of challenges.  All of which are good, needless to say with 2 beautiful healthy boys, and Mom's work schedule.  Needless to say, I have no races planned for the rest of the year, and my running has dwindled down a lot.  I did run 3 miles last week though.

I enjoy running and testing my self and my body's limits, but my schedule does not really allow a full on training plan of any sort.  And I have really enjoyed myself.  Yes, you read right.  I have thoroughly enjoyed NOT running as much as I use too.  I feel better actually.  I still get out and run a few miles here and there through out the week, but just enough to tell myself I still know how.  And I am doing it because I want to, and not because it is written some where that I have to run a certain amount that day.

This blog is about running, so I'm not going to yammer on about fatherhood, nature, and stuff like that.  But man, I am thrilled to get up and spend time with my little critters all day.  And by the way, I am losing weight like crazy not running as much.  Probably because I don't feel so ravenous at night to were I want to eat the refrigerator and  everything else in the kitchen.  (At least I am not dumpster diving like the dude on American Ninja Warrior).  haha.  But yeah, I think because I am burning calories doing other things and what not.

However I have replaced all that time running with other cross training and strength training stuff like push ups, sit ups, and watching The Last Ship, and The SPROUT channel.  I also revisited an old hobby of mine which is drawing.  I tried Color Pencil.  Seems like my talent for that grew with my age, even though it's been awhile.  My wife posted some on my facebook of a crab that I did for my son's room (Nautical Theme).  So if you like art, stay tuned for a blog on the work that I do in the near future.  Seems I really like nautical things.

When I do run now, it feels good.  I don't care about time.  I even walk some.  Who cares.  I don't.  I just run when and where I can.  I love it.  What I have learned now about running is that running is good and NOT running is good too.  I look forward to getting back into it maybe next year as far as training.  Then again, maybe the year after, or I might just continue to run here and there forever just because I can.  DO you really have to be on a training schedule to be a runner after all?  Oh, I will still write here as often as I can.  I enjoy seeing what every one is up to.  Until the next time, enjoy the quite moments and have a crabulous day.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Harrisburg Half Marathon Results and Photos

Me and my two little cheerleaders. 
As before mentioned in my previous post, my training for 3 weeks leading up to the Harrisburg Half Marathon was little to none.  I was (and still am though not as bad) adapting to mom and dads new schedules.  At any rate, I didn't know what to expect, if anything.  However, I showed up with eagerness and excitement as you do at any race you know.  Sometimes the excitement to get it over with and get your medal and go home, or the excitement of just being there.
Before the race. 

This year, they decided to add pace groups to the race.  I knew what I could not do, but I just wanted to get around. I decided to tuck behind the 2:30 pace group.  That proved to be a good decision.

Someone is excited about the medal. 
I have never ran with a pace group before but I am glad that I did.  The pace was such that I could more than handle even with very little training.  This race was about having fun and finishing strong.  My time was 2:29:23.  I will admit, though, that my legs were a little sore not having ran, but I was very surprised at myself for what I could do.  I guess I did have some fitness in the bank.  I even held the pace pole thingy with the time on it.  The lead pace guy was telling jokes and we were talking about running and such.

Heading to the car afterwards.
Of course, Mom was there to support, and so were my boys.  That meant a lot.  My wife is very supportive, and loves to come and watch to see how I get on.