Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Race Week, Happy Fall

First off,  Happy Fall season as the weather sure is starting to show Autumn signs with the leaves changing and tempuratures dropping.  This week is race week as I will run the 4th Gettysburg Blue Gray Half on Sunday.  I did a stellar tempo run yesterday and I have a few more 3-4 mile easy runs before race day.  My weight is dropping and my fitness is improving.  Now as learned from the past but not executed - make sure this continues after the race.  Keep going.  Thats more post race stuff though.  Its race week but im not going to list a bunch of dos and don'ts this time. Just one don't and that is don't eat like a vulture.  Do eat sensibly.   My time for this race I want to say sub 2:15 based on my current fitness.  But I will just have a good crack at it and see what comes out the other side.  Training has gone well so we'll see.  Cheers to the courage of discovery.  Do you have any specific dos and don'ts of race week?  

Friday, October 17, 2014

RW.......... Really?

Do you also get those email messages from Runners World.  Its been a while since I posted but when I saw this today I had to write it here.  So,  Budd Coates has a book called 'Running on air' .  Im sorry I thought we were fish.  The email describes the book as an educational tool on how to breathe while you run.  Since I took my first step I used rythmic breathing and using my belly because this was natural to me.  Hence the premise of this book.  Why do people have to make running more complicated than what it is?  Granted there is a bunch of running terminology out there but the very act of running should be natural.  Maybe there should be two RW magazines.  One for dummies and the other for people who like wasting money.  Now......wheres that unsubscribe button before I get another morning motivation quote that does far from motivating. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I love my life right now.  I could not be happier.  Life is not perfect, but when you have God in your life and a great family to back you up, that's all that counts.  My first born son, Gabriel, will be 8 months soon and is growing so fast.  I love him so much and he is such a blessing.
Ryan Hall ain't got noth'n on me man!  26.2 here I come!
 Latest News.....The Lord has blessed the Jones's  Family with another baby boy.  My Wife and I are very happy & excited.

In 11 days I have the Harrisburg Half Marathon to complete.  I am using that as part of training for the Gettysburg Blue Gray Half in October.  This summer, my training was lacking and I had no energy it seems.  About 2 weeks ago I passed a pretty good sized kidney stone.  Since then I have felt so much better.  I look forward to running this Half Marathon next week and putting the medal around my son.  What more when we can run it together.  Take care and come back and visit.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I just got done reading a few of my favorite blogs.  Seems I am no the only one that has not posted in a while.  While my writing side has been somewhat on the de-activated status, my life has been anything but.  I love being a Daddy to my now wonderful 6 month old Gabriel, and a Husband to my awesome and beautiful wife.  I have been doing some running.  But, I am on track, and have been now for a few weeks.  I am in the process of training for 2 fall half marathons.  1. Harrisburg, and 2. Blue-gray half in Gettysburg.  The Blue-Gray Half, I have done every year since its Inaugural in 2011 so I am excited for that.  I am logging about 25-30 miles a week and my fitness is coming back gradually.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Being a Dad and Regaining Fitness

It has been a while since I posted anything, but believe me, a lot is happening.  My son is turning 3 months and he is growing so fast.  I am 3 weeks into a 10 week pre-training base building thing.  I will be doing the Harrisburg Half Marathon in September.  Since December, my fitness kind of went down hill a little due to life happening.  But it is coming back faster than I would have imagined.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Being a Dad is AWESOME! Excited and looking forward for more family fun adventures.Today I escaped to do a 9 mile run that turned out great.  The first 5 miles were relaxed, and then last 4 progressively faster, finishing up a few seconds below HMRP.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Its an Honor to Meet You!

This weekend I had the great privileged and honor to meet Mr. Gabriel David Jones Saturday morning @ 0715 hours January 4th 2014. Coming in at 7 lbs even and 20". I love you son! Mommy and Daddy are so Blessed to have you!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coming Together

I am in week 3 of my Half Marathon training block.  I notice that my HR is going down and my pace is improving.  14 weeks left to go.  One of the thing I have learned along the way with running, specifically training for any type of race is the fact that you can not constantly wrap your self around every single aspect.  You have to trust that one thing will take care of the other.  I do watch my diet, and the sleep that I get, but what I mean is simply this.  I can say, if I did not run, I can not tell you how much I would weigh.  Probably a lot.  But when I start training, the first work out, I am not really impressed by my fitness.  BUT as I run more, lose weight, my pace gets better, and I feel better when I run.  Also, I notice my HR improve, and my fitness coming back.  While you must think about everything that you do, in hopes that it will not compromise your training, I also take everything and put it into one box.  I don't overthink things.  I just do the training, watch myself, and let the training take care of itself.  If you put the effort in, you will get the results.  With all of that said, as I go into my 3rd week of training, (base stage) I am noticing that everything is coming together.  At the end of the 16 weeks the package will be complete.  The one mistake that happens is that I lose weight, and get into race shape, then after the race, I feel justified to doing whatever.  Let's see if I can't break that habit in 2014 and after a race, or training block, move on the the next training stage.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

5000 Miles and Still Counting

Since I began running in 2009, I have logged a total of over 5000 miles.  I wasn't keeping track, but when I glanced and noticed that, I was taken back some what.  I have learned a lot about the sport of running, and have met a lot of great runners.  I have been very thankful for all of the great advise that I have gotten here as well.  I look forward to running more more miles.

I had a great time at the 3rd annual Gettysburg Blue-Grey Half Marathon in October.  This will be one of those races where I hope to run every year from the inaugural.  No race recap needed.  A beautiful course and great memories 3rd year in a row.

I am presently in week 1 in a 16 week Half marathon Training block.  I am training for the Chambersburg Half in March, 2014.  This will not be my A race in 2014, but a conditioning phase.  Earlier this year, I attempted a sub 2:00 in NC (speaking of which, aren't the Panthers playing tonight?  Whoop Whoop).  I did the Flying Pirate half marathon in 2:00:44.  My A Race will be the Harrisburg Half Marathon in Sept with a sub 1:50 in mind.  I have done this race 5 times so I know the course pretty good now.  "No Hilly Surprises"

I have a lot to look forward to in 2014.  A baby boy is on the way.  While most guys are sitting around watching Football, I am putting up safari animal stickers on my son's walls in his room.  I wouldn't trade it for the world though.  My wife is doing phenomenally well.  We are still making our new home our new home..  January 9th is the due date.  Gabriel, Daddy loves you so much!

On another note, I have started dipping back into my creative side.  With decorating the baby's room, I guess it's part of the territory.  I have started to do some running art.  Right now I am doing some rather detailed sketches.  Later, I will probably get back into painting.  So, look for this new and exciting feature of EOR in 2014.  If anyone is interested in having a drawing done of one of their great moments in running, feel free to email me (kenleyojones@gmaildotcom, or leave a comment.  Thanks for your continued readership. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lock Laces Product Review

A few weeks ago, I received a few pairs of Lock Laces to review.  I received three colors [lime green, white, and pink (for wife)] With out hesitation, I installed them in one of my favorite shoes, Asics Sky Blue which I don't think they make anymore.  Since then, I have put near about 50 or so miles in testing this product out.  As far as tying my shoes, or not tying them, that's not an issue.  This makes it neat in that you do not have to do so.  The installation was fairly easy and took just a few moments to complete.  Immediately, one of the things that I noticed when I had my shoes on was the security factor.  My feet felt as though they were made for the shoe, or vica versa.  I will only list one negative.  Once they are installed, you can not really open up your shoe, like you can with regular laces.  It can be a bit of a squeeze to put your shoes back on with the amount of room given.  With socks, this minor problem can multiply.  However, overall, I was pleased and would recommend this product.  The secure feeling that I get with lock laces far surpasses this minor issue.  I really like them and as a runner, I think you would too.  For me, with this product, it has more pros than just a convenience factor.  They offer a lot of different colors to fit almost any shoe out there and the price is very reasonable.

*Disclaimer - I received the product for free to give an honest review, but I was not paid in any way to do this review.  This product is not a replacement to teaching your kids how to tie their shoes.  

Monday, September 30, 2013

Gettysburg Half Marathon, and a Killer Workout!

My running has been doing pretty good.  The last race I ran was a Half Marathon (Flying Pirate) back in April were I came very close to breaking 2:00.  Since then, up until about a month ago, I was still running some, but not a whole lot due to my right hip being out of whack.  I actually skipped out on the local flat Harrisburg Half Marathon in the beginning of the month.  I knew I could finish, but I really wanted to do my best.  I will, however, be doing the 3rd Gettysburg blue-gray Half Marathon in 3 weeks time.  I have been training pretty hard for it.  I don't know about breaking 2:00, but I will set a course best I am sure.  From what I have noticed in the past few years, I nail a spring race, and then I get lackadaisical come summer time.  My fitness goes down, and I try and catch up come fall. So, Gettysburg, here I come.  And....I am already registered, so I will show up. I am not using a coach now, but will probably next year again.    A few days ago, I received in the mail a few pairs of locklaces to review.  In the next week or so, I will be sharing with you my opinion on them after I try them out.  Stay tuned.

I usually do my long runs on Monday since I am off.  This morning I felt pretty strong.  It was a hard 12 mile run 21 days out from race time.  It was broken up into 4 segments of 3 miles each.  The first mile was at 140bpm, then 2 @ 155, then a 1 mile recovery @ 140 followed by 2 miles @ 155.  The last 2 miles in the 4th segment were run at 164bpm, which is threshold pace for me based on my Max HR, but I often wonder what my Max HR really is.  Those last two miles, my legs were screaming.  My wonderful wife had cashew chicken and rice prepared when I got home.

Everything is going fine with Baby Jones.  He is very active and moving around and seems like he is running as what my wife describes. I foresee a running buddy in my future!  Daddy can't wait for him to be here.15 more weeks to go.  His name is Gabriel Dillon Jones!  This year has been great, and God has blessed us so much.